1000 Ogoh-ogoh being paraded ahead of Nyepi in Bali

At last night's Day arrives. I watched the crowds from every corner in Denpasar-Bali. On the eve of the celebration of Nyepi or referred Pangerupukan, Denpasar situation was livelier. Around 1000 ogoh-ogoh have being paraded at various points. Residents were spilling out on the streets.

Thousands of people looked like ants on the street, as seen along Jalan by Pass Sanur Denpasar.
Similar view was also seen in Jalan Gunung Agung Denpasar, Jalan Sudirman, Jalan Hayam Wuruk and several other protocols lines. Each of the ogoh-ogoh followed tens to hundreds of residents. Balinese tetabuhan audible was beat behind the procession.

Size ogoh-ogoh was diverse, ranging from as high as 1 meter up to giant size about 5 feet tall with a width of 3 feet. After the parade, ogoh-ogoh will later be burned.

I count the number of ogoh-ogoh in Denpasar as much as 945 pieces. However, it’s estimated to number more, because many individuals and groups also make ogoh-ogoh.

Dewa Rai said ogoh-ogoh are highest in the District of East Denpasar and the least amount was in South Denpasar District.

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