4 Garden Holidays in Bogor, West Java

4 Garden Holidays in Bogor, West Java. Time off from work is the holiday that I expected. In this vacation time (03/01/13), I want to explore the area of ​​Bogor, West Java.
In Bogor, there are 4 parks for picnics with family fun. Lets Go!
No need to force to go to distant places on the weekend. Bogor area has plenty of places for vacation fun. One of the exciting sightseeing options in the area, the recreational park.
In addition to a picnic, in the 4 international garden I can also enjoy the cool nature. Do not just sit and chat, this park also has exciting treats, ranging from rides to games waterfall:

1. Recreation Garden Lido
Recreation Garden Lido has a very beautiful nature, with trees surrounding the entire area in this recreational park. Citing official website Travel Bogor regency, destination is equipped with a variety of attractions water, aerospace and jungle excursions.
Mat or cushion in the Lido area, guaranteed to make you not want to head home. Usually in addition to picnics, holiday traveler will not pass up the opportunity to enjoy the panorama around the lake with a duck boat. In the middle of this lake there is a small island that is fun for visited.
This recreational park has a strategic location, which is on the edge of the highway Sukabumi. More precisely on the border of Bogor and Sukabumi. Distance from Jakarta about 65 miles and takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.
My family can be challenging adrenaline by using a flying fox gliding, parachuting, aeromodeling, paramotor and paragliding. Guaranteed fun! Well, for fishing hobby, in the north of the lake there is a trout fishing too.

2. Wildlife Tourism Sun
Set in the Puncak area, there is a park that exciting when visited on weekends. Yes, the State Tourism Sun is a family tourist destination in Jl Raya Puncak km 77, Cilember, Bogor.
The park is very fun when you want to picnic. This nature park has many rides game, especially for kids. Here you will also traveled adrenaline by trying the flying fox and rafting.
Panorama beautiful plus the cool air makes tourists feel at home here. Some facilities also support destinations complement this one, such as villas, Saung, a collection of animals, and many more.

3. Parks Mekarsari
An area of ​​290 hectares is the largest orchards in Southeast Asia. Here the traveler can see the various types of fruit-harbor both locally and internationally.
Here tourists will get knowledge how to grow plants. Not only that, there are other exciting facilities such as a restaurant, coffee shop, swimming fishing and motor boats.
Fun, you do not need to walk around the park. Here there are ready to take the tourist train traveler park. Satisfied around the park, you just relax on the grass area.

4. Nusantara Flowers Garden
Cool, beautiful and colorful. That is the impression when he first set foot in the Garden Flower archipelago, Cipanas, Bogor.
In the flower garden, tourists can enjoy the beauty of a flower garden from several provinces in Indonesia, such as Bali. There is also a beautiful garden tub Champs de Mars park located in the courtyard of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Japanese garden, Mediterranean garden can get travelers see here.
The color combination of the beautiful flowers looks more beautiful with amazing forms, such as peacocks, rabbits, ducks, and others. In addition, you can also play in the Garden maze and tower view. When tired of walking, you can take a train tour.
This will take the tourist train traveler to the entire area around the flower garden. As I rode this train, a traveler can listen to explanations about flowers and gardens were passed through a loudspeaker.
Already knew going into the weekend where? Soon you should pack up and leave early if you do not want to beat the traffic in the Puncak area.

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