Beautiful garden with coral stone

The application of hardware elements (hardscape) could be the right choice for mini garden. In addition to its function to beautify gardens, hardscape can also be used as a counterweight to the soft materials, such as soil and some ornamental plants.

"The use of coral stone can be selected to give a touch of aesthetics, in addition to the shape and color that stands out, it serves as a confirmation of the display garden accents," said one of the landscape architects Herline Untari. As is known, the stone comes from the outer layer of solid earth or lithosphere. However, coral has a unique shape and color so that it can be applied as an element decorates your garden.

"Coral is a type of rock produced by nature in a way mined from the coast. Therefore, sometimes the type and name of coral adapted to the mining area," continued Herline. The size of this beautiful stone was varied. Typically range from 1 to 5 cm, no less dazzling color, like white, maroon, green, and black.

"This type of coral is five colors, Red Hearts or Red Bali can be used as an aesthetic addition in the room, as an accent to the division of space," said Herline. Many types of coral brush once we meet. In addition because the price is cheaper, coral brush is easier to be formed into a variety of patterns.

Usually coral brush is more widely used as elements of decoration patio or carport. As a stepping stone you are usually formed a circle or square. When you apply the coral as an ornamental garden, then you should pay attention to placement.

In addition to the confirmation of your garden accents, natural stone also has another advantage, namely as a source of good water absorption, by putting them under a trickle of water from the roof. It can provide two benefits, as well as good water infiltration could also avoid splashing water into the walls around him.

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